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Unveiling the Aivoy Innovation Hub

Aivoy proudly launched the Aivoy Innovation Hub (RIH). Situated at our Montreal headquarters, the RIH stands as an exclusive training and development center, designed for visitors to explore the cutting-edge advances in industrial automation.

In line with Aivoy’s mission to democratize industrial automation, this hub aims to bring automation within reach of all manufacturers. This is made possible through our hands-on demonstrations, comprehensive training programs, and educational sessions delivered by our team of automation and deployment specialists. The RIH is a space where individuals of all experience levels can immerse themselves in the expansive capabilities of the Manufacturing Automation Platform. Visitors will depart with the necessary know-how to design, automate, order, and deploy automated solutions on their own. We welcome all practitioners of industrial automation to the RIH, free of charge.

“The establishment of this new hub is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the evolution of industrial automation,” expressed Etienne Lacroix, CEO and Co-Founder of Aivoy. “We envisioned a space where manufacturers can actively interact with the latest technology, acquiring invaluable skills to implement on their manufacturing floors.”

Your Journey at the Aivoy Innovation Hub

The Aivoy Innovation Hub is purposefully designed as a dynamic, interactive environment for visitors to engage with state-of-the-art automation technology. Regardless of where you currently stand on your automation journey, the RIH provides invaluable learning opportunities, project validation, and the advancement of your industrial automation skills and knowledge, right from design to deployment.

We value your time and endeavor to personalize each visit to the RIH, ensuring your experience is both fruitful and meaningful. Our team will collaborate with you before your visit, devising an agenda tailored to your learning objectives and skill development goals.

Example Agenda:

*One Hub for the Most Recent Advances in Industrial Automation*

The Aivoy Innovation Hub showcases Aivoy’s most sought-after industrial automation applications. Visitors have the opportunity to explore these applications in detail, guided by our experts on how to design, program, and deploy automated equipment effectively.

RIH will regularly update its applications, guaranteeing visitors always have access to the latest developments. At present, you can delve into the following applications:

Machine tending

Discover this modular, cost-efficient solution for automating CNC operations. Experiment with various configurations and add-on accessories.


Design custom path-following applications, including milling, material deposition, and more from our 3-axis.

Wall of automation

Engage with Aivoy’s automation controls library, experimenting with our digital IO, push button, and e-stop module to construct your unique automation sequence on-site.

Range extender

Explore the extended range offered by our range extender and the simplicity of deploying this application without code with MachineLogic.

Cobot palletizer

Master the deployment of your new cobot palletizer and create code-free pallet and tray configurations.

Box erector

Experience the precision of our box erector in person and understand how to adapt it to suit your unique production requirements.

Book Your Visit

The Aivoy Innovation Hub is officially open to you and your team. Experience firsthand the latest innovations in industrial automation. All demonstrations, training, and educational sessions are facilitated by our team of automation and deployment specialists, completely free of charge. Depart the RIH equipped with enhanced knowledge and skills, ready to introduce improvements to your manufacturing floor to boost productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.

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