Your engineering toolbox just got smarter
MachineBuilder offers a quick and seamless solution for designing and purchasing factory equipment. With an extensive library of modular parts, intelligent design tools, and instant pricing updates, you can effortlessly create automated equipment, robot cells, and tooling within minutes. Accessible from any web browser and location, MachineBuilder simplifies the entire process, making it the fastest and most convenient option available.

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency using our intelligent design tools.

With our CAD software designed specifically for the factory floor, you can swiftly create automated equipment, robot cells, and tooling within minutes.

The zero-learning interface takes you from idea to design in minutes

The zero-learning interface is a user-friendly and innovative tool for creating stunning designs without prior experience. It's intuitive, accessible, and perfect for designing graphics, social media posts, and marketing materials quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to complicated software and hello to limitless possibilities with the zero-learning interface.

Eliminate barriers between design and procurement

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