The Inaugural Enclosure-Free, Plug & Play Motion Controller: Aivoy
Aivoy's pioneering product, MachineMotion, represents a groundbreaking solution for seamlessly integrating motion control into automated equipment and robot cells, without the requirement of a control cabinet or intricate wiring. With an extensive assortment of readily adaptable components, inherent compatibility with Universal Robots, and a user-friendly programming interface devoid of coding requirements, Aivoy empowers manufacturers of all backgrounds to embrace industrial automation effortlessly.

Aivoy Pendant: Unifying the Cloud and Factory Floor with Seamless Connectivity
Experience streamlined machine configuration, effortless code-free automation sequence creation, and tailored operator HMI development with the cutting-edge Aivoy Pendant. Designed within a durable housing, this exceptional add-on seamlessly integrates with the MachineMotion plug & play controller, revolutionizing your industrial operations.

Embrace Revolutionary Automation Solutions with Aivoy
Seamlessly streamline your motion program development, expedite equipment wiring, and initiate production within a matter of hours. Bid farewell to conventional automation cabinets and intricate custom programming projects. Unlock significant cost reductions and accelerated project timelines, empowering manufacturers across all industries.

Empower Diverse Industrial Applications with Aivoy
Aivoy is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of industrial applications, including palletizing, conveying, path following, and machine tending. With its inherent network connectivity, robust safety management features, and expandable input/output capabilities, Aivoy is now offered in both single-drive and quad-drive configurations.

Key features of MachineMotion

Status Indicators

The Aivoy system introduces advanced status indicators on its step-servo motors and controller, facilitating rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting processes.


Accredited to Conformity with Canadian, US, and European Standards

Aivoy Control Modules

Aivoy offers a comprehensive range of control modules, providing efficient digital and analog input/output capabilities.

Integration of Aivoy with Universal Robots (UR)

Aivoy offers a comprehensive range of control modules, providing efficient digital and analog input/output capabilities.

Aivoy Actuators: Seamless Integration and Versatility

Experience the exceptional compatibility and versatility of Aivoy actuators, designed to effortlessly integrate with various motion systems, including linear actuators.

Software and Hardware Reset Solution

ntroducing Aivoy, an advanced plug-and-play safety system equipped with both physical and software reset functionalities.

AIvoy - Advanced Code-free Software Solution

AIvoy introduces a cutting-edge code-free software platform that encompasses an array of powerful features, including MachineLogic, operator mode, and manual joggers.

Advancing Open Source Development

Explore the power of Aivoy, an innovative platform that facilitates open source development by offering a comprehensive suite of tools.

Enhance Connectivity with Aivoy

Facilitate Direct Programming via Monitor and Keyboard Connectivity

Enhancing Precision and Performance

Elevate your automation capabilities with AIVoy Step-Servos, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your high-performance step-servo drive system.

Aivoy - Durable Enclosure Solution

Aivoy presents a cutting-edge rugged IP30 enclosure, specially designed for robust industrial applications.

Seamless Flex Cable Solution

Introducing Aivoy's advanced continuous flex cable, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide seamless power.

Seamless Integration of Aivoy Motion Control System

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of Aivoy, the cutting-edge motion control system designed to revolutionize your automation processes.