Seamless Collaboration throughout the Project Lifecycle
Aivoy facilitates streamlined collaboration throughout every stage of industrial equipment projects. Our advanced platform, MachinePortal, empowers teams to efficiently manage access rights, securely share engineering files, and leverage digital procurement capabilities. With Aivoy, you can enhance productivity, enabling seamless collaboration from any location.
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Streamline Collaboration with Aivoy
Efficiently coordinate and enhance teamwork by leveraging Aivoy's cloud-based platform.

Streamline Control of Engineering File Access with Aivoy
Facilitate seamless collaboration on engineering projects by granting controlled access to your files.

Optimize Digital Procurement with Aivoy
Gain a comprehensive view of your project's advancement and order records within your sophisticated Aivoy dashboard.

Stay Informed with the Aivoy Activity Feed
Maintain seamless connectivity with your team while effortlessly accessing ongoing projects.